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DSL Internet in Your Area

DSL Internet is reliable, affordable and fast, which makes it an attractive option for consumers looking for high speed Internet. Learn more about the benefits of DSL and ways to find DSL by zip code.

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Benefits of DSL

DSL offers fast download speeds that allow users to accomplish needed tasks, share pictures and videos with family and friends and enjoy reliable Internet access from home. While DSL runs over the phone line, it does not require a separate phone line. This is useful for the entire family. Additional benefits of switching to DSL include:

  • DSL offers a dedicated connection to the DSLAM or DSL hub, for a reliable connection strength
  • DSL subscribers can talk on their phones while using the Internet
  • DSL is the most affordable high speed Internet
  • You can enjoy cheap Internet that offers high speeds
  • You can easily download email attachments for increased productivity and upload files to share with family and friends
  • Less time wasted waiting for webpages to load or videos to buffer
  • Get more done, then enjoy more free time

While DSL is not available everywhere, it is very widely available and you can search for DSL providers by zip code to learn more about service plans and pricing near you. DSL was the first high-speed internet and services continue to grow.

Choosing a DSL provider

There are many DSL providers, which benefits customers like you: Because of the intense level of competition, many DSL providers offer special deals or rebates for new customers. You may be able to enjoy faster Internet for less money than you are paying for dial-up. Many DSL providers also offer special deals to customers in a certain city or state. Contact DSL providers for your area to learn more about special deals for new subscribers like you.

Once you've compared different providers, review service plans, monthly fees and special fees like cancelation fees if you move or switch to a different Internet option. A plan that offers lower monthly fees may hit you with a hefty termination fee. Once you've chosen a plan that meets your needs, contact the DSL provider to schedule an installation and begin enjoying the advantages of high speed Internet in your home.

Find the best internet provider for your area! 1-877-377-5003