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DSL Internet Service in Your Area

DSL Internet Service

What is DSL Internet service?

DSL Internet service gives you a fast connection to the Internet in your area, many times for the fraction of the cost of other high speed Internet providers. DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. It uses your phone line to connect to the Internet but, does not impede on your ability to make and receive calls while browsing the internet. This is because DSL uses a "souped-up" phone line that can handle voice and data simultaneously. The data simply uses a frequency that's undetectable to the human ear.

How DSL Internet service works

Your DSL connection uses a modem that's hooked up to your phone line. Your local high speed Internet provider then connects the line to a single box that carries the DSL connection of other users. So, you and your neighbors will each get a dedicated line to the central box, unlike cable, where everyone in your neighborhood has to share the same bandwidth.

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DSL Internet service versus cable Internet

DSL is different from cable in a couple of ways.

DSL Cable
Plugs directly into your phone jack, without affecting phone service. Requires cable television service because it's plugged into your coax jack.
You are connected directly to the DSL Hub, and do not have to share bandwidth with your neighbors. Your cable Internet speed is affected by other users in your community and the bandwidth you share with them.

There are similarities, however. In both DSL Internet service and cable Internet, the lines can handle other transmissions in addition to Internet service. With DSL, you can make and receive calls while using the Internet. Similarly, you can watch TV while using the Internet with cable.

Is a DSL connection available in my area?

DSL is available in almost every metro and suburban area in the United States. Call the number on this web page to speak with an internet expert about DSL connections in your area.

Be sure to provide him or her with the location where the DSL service will be installed as well as your internet, phone, and TV needs. With this information, the Internet expert will be able to decide with package will fit your needs best, saving you time and money.

You may also want to find out what kind of DSL bundles may suit your family's needs. Bundling home phone with Internet and TV service can end up saving you money while at the same time saving you time and frustration from dealing with separate companies.

Find the best internet provider for your area! 1-877-377-5003