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DSL vs. Dial-Up: Spotting the Differences

Dial-up and DSL might both belong to the Internet family, but that doesn't mean they're closely related.

DSL and dial-up don't share many traits so what exactly are the differences when comparing DSL vs. dial-up?

Dial-up vs. DSL:

What makes an Internet service outstanding? Customer service? Price? Fast speeds? Different people value different aspects of Internet service. To give you a better understanding of which Internet service can meet your standards, take a look at some of the biggest differences between DSL and dial-up.

  1. Online speed. It's no secret that a dial-up connection isn't the most efficient. DSL can provider speeds that seriously outperform dial-up – with a DSL connection, you can watch movies and videos, share music, and play games – that's usually not possible with a dial-up connection.
  2. Availability. Dial-up has one of the biggest coverage areas among Internet providers. DSL, while not covering the same parts of the country as dial-up does, still offers a comprehensive network. Dial-up is often the only option for Internet in extreme rural areas – DSL is also available outside of cities and suburbs, but not to the extent of dial-up.
  3. Price. Dial-up, because it offers slower speeds, is one of the most inexpensive types of Internet. Even with fast speeds, DSL plans are still some of the most affordable types of Internet service.

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