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DSL vs. Cable: Two Popular Choices, Many Differences

Movies aren't just in theaters anymore. Music isn't confined to CDs anymore. And your Internet doesn't have to be slow anymore. DSL is one of the smartest, fastest and most affordable Internet options around – but how does it stack up against cable Internet, another popular Internet option?

Cable Internet vs. DSL

The biggest difference when comparing DSL vs. cable is the structure: DSL uses a phone line, cable uses cables.

Cable Internet uses the same wiring needed for cable TV – which is why so many cable TV providers are also Internet providers. Even though cables deliver fast Internet, they can't offer it everywhere.

The cable infrastructure needed for TV and Internet is usually only available in areas with a large population, since neighbors share cables. This method of sharing impacts cable Internet speeds.

DSL vs. cable speed

Cable Internet speeds. Because cable Internet users share their connection, they also share bandwidth and speed. If a lot of people in the same area are online at once, you'll feel the effect – slower speeds.

DSL Internet speeds. DSL, like cable, is broadband Internet – that means it's capable of offering super-fast speeds great for downloading tons of entertainment from music to movies to games. Like cable, DSL speeds also are susceptible to outside influences.

Even though you get your own dedicated line for uninterrupted Internet, a DSL connection is affected by the distance from your home to the local DSL provider's office, or DSLAM.

DSL modem vs. cable modem

Modems are like translators. They take signals and translate them into a language your computer understands. Even though DSL and cable are both broadband Internet services, they do not use the same type of modem.

DSL service needs a modem that can convert signals transmitted over a phone line, while a cable service needs a modem that does the same thing, but for cable wires.

Both DSL and cable are great Internet options, but what's available to you depends heavily on where you live. Call today to find out what deals and specials are available in your neighborhood!

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