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DSL vs. Broadband: Is There a Difference?

It's hard to know what falls under the umbrella of "broadband" if you aren't entirely sure what broadband is.

Broadband refers to Internet services that provide high data rate access – simply meaning it offers a certain level of fast Internet speeds. But, is DSL broadband?

Absolutely. DSL is considered broadband Internet because a DSL connection consistently offers high-speed downloads and uploads.

Broadband DSL: what it's all about

When it comes to DSL vs. broadband, they play on the same team. Broadband DSL is one of the fastest, most reliable and affordable Internet connections out there, and for many reasons.

  • Uninterrupted phone line connection. A landline to some might seem unnecessary, but as DSL providers know, it's not just a landline – it's a lifeline that provides an uninterrupted connection. Because you have a dedicated line to your home, you get unwavering reliability.
  • Bundling saves time and money. Bundles are a big part of the broadband world, especially when it comes to DSL. When you order broadband DSL, you can also get home phone – even if you don't feel like you have an immediate need for a home phone, the benefits usually far outweigh the reservations.
  • Broadband DSL is fast – really fast. Since there is no difference between DSL and broadband, you can rest assured that a DSL connection is a high-speed connection. With the right provider, you can get DSL speeds that are great for downloading lengthy videos, albums, games and tons of other online activities.

A home phone is 100% reliable, working in emergencies and filling in the gaps left by your cellphone provider. Often, the price of bundling broadband DSL and home phone is too good and affordable to pass up.

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