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Compare DSL: Providers, Equipment and What You Need to Know

Compare DSL providers

If you're overwhelmed by the number of DSL providers, you're not alone. Often it's tough to pinpoint the similarities and differences when you compare DSL providers. Luckily, we can help.

The main areas of difference between you compare DSL services are:

  • Price.
  • Download/upload speed.
  • Plan options.

Speeds and price correlate together – the faster the download and upload speeds, the more expensive the plan. Similarly, the slower the speeds, the more inexpensive the plan is.

When it comes to actual plan options, most DSL providers offer three different plans. You'll also find that bundles are common among DSL service providers, although what services are available to bundle (Internet + home phone + TV) vary.

Compare DSL Internet

What do you look for in an Internet service? You might not know what you want, but you probably know what you don't want.

No one wants an expensive Internet service that is slow. Bottom line. That's why so many people in both urban and rural areas turn to broadband Internet. How does DSL compare to other Internet service providers?

DSL vs. cable

Coverage area: DSL is available in both cities and its more rural surroundings. Cable is characteristically only available in densely populated areas, like big cities and suburbs.

Download and upload speeds. Cable Internet providers offer some of the fastest download speeds around. DSL, while not typically as fast as cable, still offers speeds that are far superior to both dial-up and satellite Internet.

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DSL vs. dial-up

Coverage area. Dial-up is arguably the most widely available Internet service, next to satellite Internet. Even though DSL can cover homes both in cities and non-urban areas, dial-up is often times one of the only Internet services available in extreme rural areas.

Download and upload speeds. Even though dial-up has a great coverage area, when you compare DSL Internet speeds to dial-up, it�s no contest. DSL offers speeds great for playing online games, downloading videos, listening to music and uploading tons of photos – dial-up speeds likely can't support any heavy bandwidth applications like that.

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Compare DSL hardware

Equipment is different for each Internet service, but it's easy to break down:

  • Satellite Internet uses satellite technology.
  • DSL and dial-up use phone line technology.
  • Cable Internet uses a cable network.

Even though DSL and dialup both use a phone line, remember – with DSL, you can get online and use the phone at the same time.

Get on the phone now and talk with a DSL expert – he or she can walk you through all you need to know about DSL Internet, and help you pick out a fast and affordable Internet plan!

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