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DSL Providers: What You Need to Know

With the right Internet connection, you can vastly improve the quality and speed of your day-to-day online activities. These days, you won't find a shortage of Internet providers, including DSL Internet service providers.

You have Internet options that include dial-up, satellite and DSL. With so many options, it's tough to decide which one is right for you and your needs. DSL is one of the fastest and most reliable Internet services around. Here, you can get to know DSL better to make an informed and smart decision about Internet service in your area.

What exactly is DSL Internet?

DSL stands for "digital subscriber line." DSL Internet runs a connection over your phone line, which the phone companies then connect to a DSLAM, which is just your provider's local station. In most cases, your distance from the DSLAM has an affect on your Internet connection.

What can you do with a DSL Internet connection?

  • Surf the Web with ease and speed.
  • Download and upload files fast.
  • Quickly update blogs and social media pages.
  • Send and receive emails quickly.
  • Easily download attachments from emails.
  • Listen to podcasts and downloaded music.
  • Watch videos and read the news without having to wait on slow load times.

A fast and stable Internet connection can help you get your online tasks done quicker than ever. Spend more time online and less time waiting to get online with a DSL connection.

DSL service strengths

Each Internet service has its own set of strengths, and DSL Internet service is no exception.

DSL download speeds. With DSL, download speeds are super-fast, uploads are seamless and users have the option to choose between different plans.

A direct connection. A DSL connection from the DSLAM offers you a direct connection, ensuring optimal reliability and speed. However, some advanced DSL services don't even require you to have a home phone to get Internet access.

DSL technology. Although most DSL services use your phone line like a dial-up connection, the technology is different. DSL technology ensures that subscribers can use the phone and the Internet at the same time. A dial-up connection requires a separate phone line to do both simultaneously.

DSL service weaknesses

Many Internet services, like cable and fiber optic Internet, are not available everywhere. DSL has an extensive coverage area, but not as extensive as a satellite or dial up Internet service.

Although DSL speeds are fast, download and upload speeds are influenced by your home's distance from the DSLAM. The farther away from the DSLAM you live, the more likely it is that your Internet connection is affected.

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Many people believe that switching Internet services is a hassle that far outweighs the convenience of just sticking with your current provider. However, switching to a trusted DSL service doesn't have to take the energy you might think. Simply call the number on this page to pick out a fast and affordable DSL Internet service!

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